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  • 26-01-2018 - Guys great and fast service. Ordered the kevlar bombers expecting...  read more
  • 29-12-2017 - Nee Fred, wij staan niet meer op de motorbeurs in...  read more
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  • * Route 66 [KPB40] - Belly Piercing
    * Route 66 [KPB40] - Belly Piercing

    Material specification: PVD coated G23 surgical titanium
    Ball diameters: 5mm top ball and 8mm bottom ball
    Stem thickness: 1.6mm

    € 10,95
  • Piercing Titanium Sacred Heart Bananabell [SAC]
    Piercing Titanium Sacred Heart Bananabell [SAC]

    Material specification: G23 surgical titanium stem and top ball with 925 silver setting
    Stem thickness: 1.6mm
    Stem lengths: 8, 10mm
    Please specify stem length required on all orders

    € 34,95 € 15,00