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Hells Angels World A.F.F.A.

Lutz Schelhorn: „The Last Warriors – German Hells Angels in Focus”


The title was taken from Kuno Kruse’s big news story on the German Hells Angels appearing in “stern” magazine in 2008. A title that provokes, on the one hand. On the other, it reflects the Hells Angels’ self-image with regard to many societal aspects.

“The Last Warriors” is photographer Lutz Schelhorn’s latest project. Many myths and rumors surround the most famous motorcycle club in the world. In particular, the German Hells Angels are currently the focus of the authorities’ and media attention. Hardly anyone is in a position to come to any clear conclusions about these men.

Be that as it may, Hells Angels polarize. Call them famous or infamous, outsiders or local heroes, rebels on wheels or criminal rockers – their reputation is as dazzling as their appearance. A tight-knit community that simultaneously emphasizes individuality is in fact a paradox; however, for decades the Hells Angels have been practicing exactly that. They are global players, encompassing different races, religions, nations and the experiences of a life lived on the edge of the abyss. Well established in the midst of mass society, they are nevertheless further apart from it than one might imagine.

To make this book, Lutz Schelhorn spent a long time touring Germany. The idea for the project was born as early as 2008. He uses analog photographic technology, from miniature film formats to large-scale formats. He selected black and white negative films exclusively in order to present a precise, simple and intimate view of this motorcycle club, which all too often is perceived by society only in terms of its insignias.

In his short career as a photographer, Lutz Schelhorn had already realized several extraordinary projects. Considering his thirty-year membership in the club, it seemed only logical to focus on the Hells Angels, his life and his brothers. Through the medium of his photography, he wanted to present the club in a different light than the stereotype.

Not journalistically, no – but with blurred and sharp edges, with light and shadow.

He consciously plays with clichés, turning them upside down in the next photograph. The viewers are challenged to compare truths. What they come away with is up to them.

First published in Germany in December 2011. 192 pages, 288 photographs.

isbn 978-3-9812466-4-3

Englisch & German

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