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The book presents two, start-to-finish builds, one done on an Ironhead, and one on an Evo Sportster. From the initial disassembly to the mock up, paint and reassembly, all the steps are here, including engine work and hop-ups.

This new Harley-Davidson Sportster Hop-Up & Customizing Guide starts with an American success story. The Sportster model has been in continuous production since 1957. Today, Sportsters are experiencing a re-birth of popularity among riders of both sexes and all ages.

The meat of the book starts with a chapter on planning. What is it you want to achieve? An old-school hardtail built from an Ironhead Sportster? The conversion of an Evo Sporty into a Cafe racer? Maybe you want to create a Tracker or XR style Sportster? No matter which theme you're looking to duplicate on your own project, author Todd Zallaps (a die-hard Sportster nut) explains the importance of planning, and some simple ways to ensure your plan comes to fruition.

The book presents two start-to-finish builds, one done on an Ironhead, and one on an Evo Sportster. Both give the reader an inside look at how experienced amateurs and professional shops go about a full-blown customizing project. From the initial disassembly to the mock up, paint and reassembly, all the steps are here.

Engine work and hop-ups are here as well, including the conversion of an 883 Evo to 1200cc displacement, and the installation of a Stage ll kit, complete with dyno run, on a late model fuel injected Sportster.

So whether your own personal Sportster is old or new, your plans modest or extreme, this new book from Wolfgang Publications will move you down the path from dreams to reality. From a cookie cutter bike that looks like too many others, to something you can truly call your own. Harley-Davidson Sportster Hop-Up & Customizing Guide offers you 144 pages of advice, help, resources, and inspiration.

Pages: 144
Publisher: Wolfgang Publications
ISBN: 9781935828952

Todd Zallaps

Todd Zallaps began his foray into the motorcycle world with the trade of a riding lawnmower for a basket-case 1964 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLCH chopper. The machine had all the appearances of a cool old-school chop. Unfortunately, after being told all it needed was "a few pieces here and there" he quickly learned that this was not going to be a simple evening in the garage. All that cool molding covered up dangerously unsafe welds. And the motor was poorly pieced back together by somebody who had probably never seen the pages of a service manual. Realizing there was still potential life in the project, Todd began the painstaking process of tearing the old Ironhead down piece by piece. Along the way, he began to acquire the necessary knowledge to rebuild and maintain the machine by taking classes in welding and metalworking. Eventually, the '64 was made reliable and sold to finance another Sportster project. This began a cycle of Sportster-specific rebuilding/restoration that maintains his interest to this day. Though Todd maintains a job as an editor for an academic journal during the day, he still manages to find time to further his interest in Sportsters. Today, Todd prefers to fabricate Sportsters that are both modern and functional. That way, the customer can enjoy a trouble-free product that requires minimal maintenance.



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