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Gremlin Bell - Guardian Bell - '13-69'

SKU: MCS-571796 - DRIES-03
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"13" "69" GREMLIN BELL
Lead free pewter bell; 1" tall x 7/8" wide

Ward off the evil road spirits with a Guardian Bell.

Legend has it that evil road spirits have been latching themselves onto motorcycles for as long as there’s been bikes on the road. By attaching a Guardian Bell to your motorcycle you can drive the evil spirits away. Give a Guardian Bell as a gift to share the Legend of Good Luck to a motorcycle & its rider!

Used in army, and more commonly in the US police forces 13-69 is intended to sound, to a civilian, like technical jargon from police/army codes. 13-69 is actually a low-blow insult meaning unlucky cock-sucker. 13 being unlucky, and 69 being an obvious sexual posion. 69
"aw man, my wife kicked me out last night, can i stay at your place?" 
"No way! it ain't my fault you're a 13-69"
#unlucky #cock #13 #69 #sucker #slang

Ah nah,.. it just means smoking and loving to us!


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